Monday, September 04, 2006

Elberton Star - Friday March 6, 1936

While looking through an old hometown newspaper I noticed this ad, which struck me as quaint and a bit creepy. Think about it, would you accept ambulance service from a funeral director? Just where do you think they want to take you? And it's a department store too? Sounds like the plot from a scary movie!

Actually this was not unusual. In 1936, and up until the 1960-70's, ambulance service was often offered by funeral homes. At least this was true in small town America....

Ad from March 6, 1936 newspaper:

Free Ambulance Service
Day or Night
Funeral Directors - Embalmers
Phones: Day 39; Night 133 and 198
Elberton Dept. Store
T M Maxwell, CP Furcon, JH Sayer

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Anonymous said...

I might not want the funeral home to be my ambulance but I do remember, from my childhood, when funeral homes provided the ambulance service in Elberton.
I really didn't give it much thought, but now I agree, It's creepy!!
Donna K