Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Overheard at a drive through

Returning from a trip recently, I stopped by a fast food restaurant and waited as someone gave their order in the car ahead of me. Here’s what I overhead.

“Do you have regular chicken strips?”

“That’s one order of chicken strips, please drive ahead.”

“No, I didn’t order, I asked a question. Do you have chicken strips, just chicken strips, by themselves, nothing else?”

“Yes we do.”

“How much are they”

“They’re $1.79.”

“Does anything come with them?”

I was dumbstruck by the last question. The answer was no. After all, the driver had asked for just chicken strips, with nothing else. I will spare you from the rest of the conversation!

Monday, April 17, 2006

WebforAuthors Subscriber Newsletter - April 13, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Here is a brief newsletter from WebforAuthors.

New Designs:
Five new designs are available in your Account Manager. Two were added a month ago, three today. One more is on the way. Look for Designs 7-11 in Website Manager, Select Site Designs. These have a different 'separate home page' layout than our original designs and automatically include 'Upcoming Events' from your calendar. Select the design first and then go to the 'separate home page' setup page to see available options. Our system lets you change designs without redoing any of your work, so give them a try!

We have taken out our first print ads. Look for a small classified ad in the next issue of Writers Digest, The Writer and Poet & Writers. These will run till end of the year.

Special Offer:
Refer three new subscribers to WebforAuthors and we will extend your subscription for one year free of charge. Either they or you must email and tell us you referred them.

WebforAuthors is a sponsor for the San Francisco Writers Conference, the Whidbey Island Writers Conference and the Indianapolis Book Fest in the first half of 2006.

I was a speaker at the WriteStuff conference in Bloomington, IN and will present a marketing workshop at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference in June. My presentations cover websites and how to use the internet to market and promote.

If you know of conferences we can sponsor or those who need a speaker please contact me.

New Features:
We will soon start work on new features for your site. The first will be a Guest Book which should be available by summer.

Thank you for your support of WebforAuthors. We are available to help and support you, so if you have questions, please contact us.

Best wishes,

E. Marshall Turner, Jr.
Turner Technology, Inc.
Creator of WebforAuthors.com

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Ultimate Virtual Carwash

On the drive back to Indianapolis from the WriteStuff Writers Conference in Bloomington, IN, I passed a carwash whose sign advertised the "Ultimate Virtual Carwash." I wished I had a camera with me!

It looked like a new, automatic type carwash, and I did not stop to find out what was "virtual" about it.

But it made me wonder, "virtual" means simulated or an artificial attempt to make something seem like the real thing. So it seemed to say that you would experience getting a car wash without actually getting one! Think about it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

How to Make a Disastrous Booksigning Event a Success

I found a great article on how to make a booksigning event into a success. Find "How to Make a Disastrous Booksigning Event a Success" by J.A. Konrath on Backspace.org at this link: http://www.bksp.org/secondarypages/articles/authors/JAKonrath3.htm.