Friday, September 30, 2005

Why was WebforAuthors created?

In the beginning . . . .

The company that created WebforAuthors is Turner Technology, Inc., which I started in 1997. TTI provides Project Management and other Information Technology services primarily to mid-sized companies - typically distribution or manufacturing companies. More specifically, I focus on implementation and refinement of ERP systems. ERP is a funny term - it means Enterprise Resource Planning - but these systems entail little planning and don't really deal with 'resources.' ERP systems are the 'back office' of a business - they handle the transactions: order entry, purchasing, inventory, payables, receivable, general ledger, manufacturing, etc. For more on ERP, go to

The packages I have implemented include Enterprise 21 ERP from Technology Group International ( and Oracle ERP from Oracle Corporation (

These packages are typically web enabled, and some are web based. Also, I have developed web sites and managed web site projects clients.

About a year and a half ago, I was visiting my good friend Dale. His wife Robbie is an aspiring author. She also owns a marketing consulting company ( Robbie's approach to writing included gathering information, attending classes and seminars and joining a writing group. While sitting around the breakfast table she was telling me all the things an authors needs to do to be successful. I was amazed at all the things she talked about. After all, don't you just write, get published and write some more? Boy, was I uninformed.

In her list of things you need was the advice to 'get a web site.' I stopped and asked, how did this guru, this instructor who taught hundreds and thousands of aspiring writers, suggest you get a web site? "Oh," she said, "just go get one."

Knowing the difficulties of 'getting' a web site, I thought there has to be a better, easier way. I researched and found that there are few if any solutions focused on authors. Oh there are some generic solutions and some author focused sites, but none that provided what I envisioned.

Here's what I had in mind: first, an easy, non-technical system to create and maintain a web site. This would let you build a site and update it anytime you want. But why stop there? Why not build in features that are specific to authors, that would be expensive to build into individual web sites but if shared could be offered at a low cost. Features such as mailing lists, email newsletters, forums, a shopping cart to sell your book and more.

Essentially, that's what I do for businesses - discover their needs, develop a way to use technology to solve the problem or make a process more efficient and easier, and deliver the solution. So I took this approach and applied it to the needs of writers and authors. And just as importantly, I took the goal of providing support and to continually include their feedback and ideas into enhancing our services: Listen, support, respond, improve.

So that was the beginning. After about a year of work and development, WebforAuthors was launched in March of this year. For more information on what is offered, please click on the link to WebforAuthors under Links on the left.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Welcome to the WebforAuthors Blog

Hello and welcome to the blog. was launched in March 2005 and provides an internet based service through which authors and writers can create and manage their own website. It is very easy to use and provide advanced tools designed especially for authors. Visit our site at

The purpose of this blog is to provide authors with information on various aspects of writing and how the internet can help them be successful. It is written and maintained by E. Marshall Turner, Jr., President/CEO of Turner Technology, Inc., creator of the WebforAuthors system.